Our first harness - and a major project - is sure to turn some heads when worn.
What we learned so far about leather and steel, we combined into this piece.

Leather straps, interspersed with metal elements run downwards from an O-ringed choker towards a waist-belt, completing an A-frame.
The black, genuine leather used has been reclaimed from a couple of marred vintage belts and re-given life in this form.

Cut to form, studded, and - in some places - sewn for extra stability this leather base provides the support needed to sustain the onslaught of stainless steel hardware.

At the ensemble's centre lies the biggest ring of the piece, chains flowing downward, cradling it.

Both choker and waist-belt can be sized up or down depending on the desired circumference.

The choker can be worn from 30.5 to 38 cm with increments of 1.5cm.

The waist-belt is made up of two separate pieces with clasps on both sides.
This design maximises the amount of increments we were able to integrate, allowing for a range of 68 to 86 cm, also in 1.5cm increments.

While we were successful in dancing around most areas of fault and damage in the source material, minor blemishes were included into the design to realise it with the limited amount of material we had.
Most notably, there is a small string of holes left by the original manufacturer near one of the clasps of the waist-belt's back piece. Beyond that, only surface wear often present in vintage materials can be found.


Current State: Made to Order. As each piece is hand-made, please allow up to four weeks until shipment.


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