1. On Wear & Defects.

We address this in our bio, but would like to elaborate on the topic:

Some of our pieces will bear cosmetic flaws like light surface wear, imperfections in a layer of coating, or stitching-holes laid bare by now-removed threading.

We do our best to show these in our product pictures when they are present and hope that you, like us, consider these a natural by-product of sustainable fashion, rather than a reason to return an item.

This, of course, does not mean you cannot return an item with a stated flaw - and we would like to stress that we will never intentionally sell and ship a piece bearing a defect that is more than a minor cosmetic flaw.

All the usual windows-of-return apply - if you are unhappy with an item, please get in touch.


2. On Materials & items "Made-to-Order".

Once all crafted copies of a piece are sold, some of them will flip to "made-to-order", while some may never be reproduced. This comes down to materials.

As all of our leather is second-hand - reclaimed from mostly vintage garments - we are limited by what we find and have in stock.

Black leather is a regular find and often deviates only slightly in shade & texture - so it can be used in combination and interchangeably. Material with more elusive attributes sometimes won't be around for more than a single piece.

Metal Hardware is different. We order it from a reliable source to ensure its quality and a low, tested nickel-content. Thus, hardware-centric pieces can often be remade in higher numbers than those focusing on leather aspects.


3. On Shipping & Packaging.

Items are prized to include the shipping costs for your country of residence. No additional shipping will be charged during checkout.

All orders will be packed according to the protective needs & nature of the item. We will use as much packaging material as needed, but want to create as little waste & use as little plastic as possible.

While we won't make concessions when it comes to the safe arrival of your items - thus necessitating a traditional outer shell - we opt not to use typical "landfill" packaging materials.
Instead, our pieces will be wrapped in cloth, tied with jute string & again wrapped in recycled paper. All of these materials can be added to the recipient's stock of 'arts & crafts' resources, none have to go to waste.


4. On Commissions & Custom Sizing.

Are you interested in an existing piece, but you fear it won't fit you? Drop us a message.
Do you like elements of our craft, but would like to see them combined in a different way or variation?

Please get in touch. We'll check if we can realise the necessary alterations or have the materials in stock to create what you have in mind.